One Life is not a fad, it is a change in lifestyle. The difference is you are eating and preparing real food. I’ve become quite the cook. The most rewarding thing about the weight loss is the reality that I know I will keep it off. How I eat and live my life now is totally sustainable and positive. I am happy and do not feel deprived at all. I have so much energy now!
— Kent





What brought you to One Life?

I was referred by a friend that I had not seen for about 5 or 6 months.  When I saw her for the first time and she was really thin and I had to know what she was doing.  Also finding One Life was also about timing.  I was finally ready to take the weight off.  We were on a family vacation last July that had all the adventurous components like hiking, zip lining, cave diving etc and I was finding it really hard to keep up and it was ruining my experience.  I decided it was finally time to take control and change my life.


How much weight did you lose?

So far I am down 60 pounds and have about 10 more to go.


What has One Life taught you about losing weight?

So much!  The weekly handouts provide so much knowledge.  The difference is you are eating and preparing real food, not pre-packaged foods and the best thing is that you have the choice to eat anything you want.  Its just a trade off, balancing the good with the bad.  It makes the plan very manageable.  I have been through the encyclopedia of diets and none of them taught me how to keep the weight off for good, but One Life teaches you that from the beginning.


Do you have any tips or tricks that kept you on track?

The weekly visits have been great.  I put my appointments on a Monday so that I am extra careful and have a good weigh in.  The staff helps keeps me motivated and are very supportive.  I have never been starving or hungry on the program.  I feel like I am eating plenty and am totally satisfied.  I have so much energy.  My son and I have had a lot of fun with cooking.  Learning about new ingredients and making low-carb meals by using vegetable substitutes.  No more pasta!  But we do always crave Italian food, so we make our own version.  Using squash as pasta or making pizza on a low carb tortilla.

One Life has been really easy to implement into my daily life, especially now that I am planning and cooking more.  Traveling 10 days out of the month was hard at first, but with the flexibility of the plan, I was able to make choices on the road that would still work.


How has One Life changed the perception of yourself?

I feel great.  I have been getting a lot of positive comments and I have a higher self esteem and more energy.  One of the most rewarding things is the reality that I know I will keep it off.  How I eat and live my life now is totally sustainable and positive.  I am happy and do not feel deprived, so I know I will keep the weight off.  My boss gave me a new nickname: Skinny!
I feel like this is a gift that I have given my son that will last forever.  He has this knowledge for the rest of his life.  We are both so proud of each other.


What would you say to someone thinking about joining One Life?

One Life is not a fad, it is a change in lifestyle.  Everyone likes to encourage other people to try the new “thing” that they are doing.  I certainly don’t do that.  I tell them that it will work for them no matter what if they stick to the program.  I have already referred several people.