We LOVE what we do:

We get to make people’s lives better on a daily basis, and that makes what we do very rewarding.  We actually make people happy and healthy for a living! 

We BELIEVE in what we do:

One Life actually works. And it’s the best thing out there. Having the answer makes what we do easy. 

We LIKE each other:

It’s a good gig when you get to work with your friends.
We aren’t just a “team” we are family and we enjoy spending our time together. 
Yes, we work hard, but we also laugh … a lot, and we have heaps of fun. 
Our client’s feel this positive energy and they actually look forward to spending time with us. 

We work HARD:

The reason One Life is so successful is because we all work so hard.  If what we did was easy, One Life would just be one of many. 


We honestly care about our client’s success. That makes us very unique.
One Life as a company is fair and honest. We don’t upsell. We don’t pressure. We don’t sell products that we don’t believe in. 
One Life’s most important goal isn’t to make more money but instead to do what is right and what is best for the each client.

We are NICE:

We don’t do guilt. Or judgment. Or disapproval. We do understanding, support, inspiration, motivation, problem solving, enthusiasm, and reassurance … because we know that One Life actually works we know we can get our clients to succeed and that is incredibly motivating to them. Plus it’s way more fun for all of us. 

We are not slowing down:

We aren’t going to simply rely on a formula that we created at the start One Life and then quit thinking.
We are always trying to think outside the box. Questioning everything. Always striving to make One Life better and better. We will never become a stagnant and boring company – always moving forward.

Our Motto:

It sums up our motivation and what we do every day; for our team members, our clients, and their families alike.  Simply put: