Everyone knows we gain weight because we eat too much. And if all calories are the same,

then the solution really is as basic as “eat less and exercise more.”

Calories in versus calories out, right?


Except it isn’t.

Of course we gain weight because we eat too much and if we eat less we’ll lose weight. That is 100% true. But it doesn’t help, because it doesn’t really explain anything – at all.

The question we really have to answer is:

WHY do we eat too much?


Why do we eat more food than our bodies needs and thus causes us to get fat?

Long answer short: We eat too much because we’re hungry … all of the time. And if we’re always hungry, eating less is going to be an uphill battle – forever. And we all know that constant sacrifice never succeeds. Not for long anyway.

And that’s what creates short-term success with the all-but-inevitable long-term failure.

The next logical question then is:

WHY are we hungry all of the time?


The reality is all calories are NOT created equal. And this is where everyone gets weight loss wrong and it’s why so many diets don’t succeed in the long run.

To put it simply, our bodies treat carbs completely differently than they do protein and fats. And the type of food we eat determines how our bodies use the calories we consume, which has an enormous impact on:

How much food we need to eat until our full-signal kicks in

How soon it is before we get hungry again

What types of foods we end up craving (and thus eating) later

How much energy the food is going to provide our body as fuel


And the reality is, carbs cause us to:

Eat more food

Get hungry faster

Crave more carbs later

Have less energy


To put it bluntly: Carbs Make Us Hungry.

To make matters worse: Carbs Also Make Us Fat.

A bit of a cruel double-whammy.

It turns out weight loss isn’t as simple as having strong willpower. How a food affects our bodies’ chemistry and hormones plays a huge role in the choices we make.

And with that realization the beginning of the One Life Diet was born.

So do calories matter? Yes, of course, but the reality is the effect a food has on our bodies is far more important than its calorie-count. And if we treat all calories as equal, our attempts at weight loss are doomed to end in confusion and frustration and ultimately failure – because the entire foundation of the diet is based on information that just isn’t true. And any diet that doesn’t account for that fact will inevitably end in failure.

So yes, we’re fat because we eat too much. And yes, the key to losing weight is eating less.

But the key to eating less isn’t willpower.

The key is controlling your hunger.

Because if you’re not hungry, you don’t eat.

And if you don’t eat, you lose weight.


It really is … when you have a diet that actually gives you the answer. Once you understand how it all works, then weight loss really is simple. And happily so is maintenance.

One Life is the Solution –

Not just a Diet.


The One Life Diet creates permanent weight loss because we teach you the solution to losing weight … and to keeping it off!

We give you the answer.

And then we combine the answer with: Simplicity. Reality. Livability. Education. Support. Motivation. Support. Love. A Good Dose of Common Sense. And a Lot of Fun.

That is the real power of One Life. That is what makes us different.

One Life is unique.  

There’s nothing like it.   

It works.  

It works for everyone.  

And it works forever.