We fit our diet to Your Life

The One Life Way

One Life is the leading weight loss and wellness destination in San Diego. We have changed the lives of thousands of our clients and their families through our unique, medically-based weight loss plan.  Our goal isn’t just for One Life to be the most successful diet you ever try, but for it to also be the easiest. And the last.

 Dr. Jonathan Haynes and the Creation of One Life

Weight loss expert and Family Physician, Jonathan Haynes, MD created One Life with the intention of revolutionizing weight loss. After years of study and experimentation Dr. Haynes created the One Life Diet based on a true understanding of the science behind weight loss and a deep personal insight into the psychology behind losing weight. 

Success Stories

One Life’s weight loss success has truly been incredible – from those with only 10 pounds to lose to those with over 100, for both men and women, young and old, local or long distance. Watch their stories and get inspired.







One Life is much more than just another “quick weight loss” center. While fast weight loss is an integral part of One Life, our true goal is to do it in a way that creates lifelong success.

Most diet programs achieve weight loss through temporary changes to the way people eat. The problem with temporary change is it only creates temporary results. You do something different, you lose weight, and then you go back to real life and you gain it back again. Rather than taking you out of your life to temporarily follow our diet, we customize our concepts to fit your lifestyle.

We Fit One Life to Your Life.

Every aspect of One Life is designed with permanent weight loss as its true focus. That’s why we don’t use pre-packaged meals, juice cleanses, or HCG hormone injections. While these temporary techniques may seem to make losing weight easier, they do nothing to teach you how to change your lifestyle so you don’t end up gaining your weight back. There is no quick fix. There is no magic pill. There is no secret formula. Weight loss is about lifestyle change – it has to be if you want to keep the weight off. And any program that tries to shortcut that process will fail you in the long run.

It isn’t a Diet. It’s a Lifestyle.

In order to achieve long-term success it’s imperative you learn to lose weight in the real world – in your world. Unless you learn how to lose weight going out to eat, socializing, having a drink, traveling … whatever it is, those things are going to get you when you return to them. But if you can lose weight while you’re doing all of those things, it allows you to learn as you’re going along so when you get to your goal, you will know how to keep your weight off. Only by losing weight in the real world and eating real foods can you figure this out.

Real Food. Real Life. Real Success.

By basing the One Life Diet on real life and real foods it enables you to break your old habits and to establish new ones while you’re losing your weight. The knowledge and insight you gain along the way will create a foundation that will enable you to keep your weight off for the rest of your life.

And that’s what makes One Life different.



For a typical day living the One Life way,





We fit One Life to your life, and not your life to our diet.  Your One Life plan will be as unique as you are.



Weekly meetings with our medical experts keeps you accountable and motivated.



We give you the knowledge to succeed at weight loss and to keep it off for good.



To be useful, it has to be simple.  No matter how well the diet works, if it isn't easy to follow you aren't going to keep doing it.



Because what we do works, we don't need contracts. It's that simple.



The Initial Visit

At the Initial Visit you will meet with your One Life weight loss expert and go over your weight and diet history. We will discuss your food weaknesses and any dietary challenges you struggle with in your daily life. We then walk you step-by-step through the One Life Diet and help personalize the program to fit your lifestyle. Together we will determine an appropriate goal weight and decide whether to use our natural supplements or our prescription appetite suppressants. At the initial visit you will also receive the One Life Diet book, your first week of medication, and your first metabolism boosting vitamin injection.

The Weekly Visits

Weekly visits are an integral part of the program because they provide continued support, education, and accountability. Every week we sit down one-on-one and go over your week, discuss any challenges you are having, and help you come up with strategies to overcome them. Each week we also review different aspects of the One Life Diet and make sure bad habits aren’t sneaking back into your routine. We also go over one of the weekly One Life Lesson Plans, teaching you a bit more each week to ensure that by the time you get to your goal, you have the tools and knowledge you'll need to be able to maintain your weight loss forever.  The lessons cover a wide range of diverse topics and are selected based on your current needs.

The Maintenance Program

Despite the common notion that maintaining weight is harder than losing it, the reality is when it’s done right, not only is it easier, it’s also a lot more fun. Weight loss is really about trying to be good every day, whereas maintenance is more about balancing being good with being bad. Our maintenance program will teach you how you can successfully maintain your weight loss without feeling like you’re going to be on a diet for the rest of your life. It also provides you with ongoing support and accountability so you don’t slip back into old habits and end up gaining your weight back again.

Don't live in Southern California?  

We have a Long Distance Weight Loss Program

that is just as successful as being here in person.