Being in college, people would think following a “diet” would make me miss out on all the excess and fun. But I am not missing out on anything. I just make good choices when I am out with my friends.
— Justin





What brought you to One Life?

I started to come to the appointments with my dad. I had never really done any other diets in the past because I never had to.  I was always very active and I exercised all the time.


How much weight did you lose?

So far I have lost 60 pounds.  I think I am done, but who knows, I may go for a few more.  I now weigh 176 pounds and feel great.


What has One Life taught you about losing weight?

One Life is so easy to stick to and teaches you really simple rules to understand and follow.  They have taught me a lot about the importance of protein vs. carbs.  They have helped me understand what to substitute.  Having veggies instead of pasta.  Balancing the good with the bad.  Have a protein only day after a heavy day of eating.  All simple rules, but they have all changed the way I eat.

One Life also taught me about all the weight you can gain just from liquid calories like soda and beer and cocktails.  The weekly handouts are really useful and give you great tips for when you go on vacation.  Dr. Haynes made me realize that it is ok to blow a meal here and there, but do not blow it completely on a whole day.


Any tips or tricks that helped you stay on track?

Journaling my foods were key.  I journaled for a while, and that got me into a good healthy routine, but now I am really good at just keeping track in my head.  I buy all my meals for the week and make them myself.  If I eat at the food hall, I have the knowledge now to make the best choices, while sticking to the plan. Being in college, you would think that following a “diet” would make me miss out on all the fun and the excess, but I am not missing out on anything.  The food I eat compared to some of my dorm-mates is very different and if it was not for One Life, I probably would be eating like a typical college kid too.


What was it like doing One Life with your Dad?

I have enjoyed doing the diet with my dad.  It has helped with my motivation doing it together.  We have a friendly competition on who can lose the most each week or who comes up with better meal plans.  We actually come up with loads of new ideas and alternatives together.  Sometimes we will text each other with pictures of what we made and how many blocks it is. 


Tell me about the One Life Staff?

The One Life staff is awesome.  Everyone is really friendly and encouraging.  Being younger than most clients, I do not feel like I am being babied around.  They all give so many helpful tips because they have all done the diet.  It really has been such a positive experience for me.


What would you say to someone thinking about joining One Life?

I would tell them there is so much that you do not think about when choosing the food to eat to fill you up and One Life gives you the knowledge and tools to know what to eat to lose weight.  It is really very easy and you will lose weight in a short period of time if you stick to it.  It is very attainable and easily accomplished.  One Life has given me the knowledge at such a young age to keep the weight off for good.