My new mantra was taught to me by One Life: You can eat anything, but you can’t eat everything. The One Life fundamentals for success are portion control, weekly accountability and journaling. I am the thinnest I have ever been and I am not worried about gaining it back. It has not even crossed my mind. This is how I eat now. This is my new lifestyle.
— Stephanie





What brought you to One Life?

I moved from DC to San Diego for a new job and with the stress of it all, I slowly began to put on weight.  My clothes were not fitting and I did not feel good about myself anymore.  I had gained about 20 lbs.  One day during a sales appointment at a medical spa, I casually asked one of the nurses if she had tips on weight loss and all she did was hand me the One Life phone number.  Having no clue where to start, I phoned that same day and made an appointment.


How much weight did you lose?

I lost 34 pounds in just over 3 months.  My original goal was 125, but when I hit 130, I moved my goal to 120 as I was feeling so good and the plan was so easy to follow.  I am now a size 2 and am thinner than I was at 16.  I am actually under my goal now and plan to stay that way!


Have you always struggled with your weight?

I have always been at a healthy weight my entire life.  I am short, but have always stayed the same weight due to my active lifestyle and eating habits.  So I have never had to go on a diet or understand the effect some foods have on my body.  I ended up gaining almost 20 pounds with the move across country and had no clue where to start.


What has Dr. Haynes and One Life taught you about losing weight?

What I love most about One Life is that it teaches you how to eat real food.  Living on pre-packaged foods is not sustainable.  I have a better handle on portion control now.  I always considered myself a healthy eater, but I was eating too much.  They also taught me about the right foods that I should be eating that would keep me fuller longer.  I now eat protein with every meal.  My new mantra, that Dr. Haynes told me is that “you can eat anything, but you can’t eat everything.”  It is all about choices.  I choose to have chocolate after dinner, so I won’t have a glass of wine.  The fundamentals for my success were: Portion control, the ability to have choices and journaling.


What would you say about the One Life Staff?

From the moment I walked into One Life and had my first appointment, I felt so comfortable.  They never judged me and were so supportive.  They really care.  I am also very impressed with the personal attention each visit receives.  They really help you with the problems you are struggling with each week.  I also travel a lot for work and would do my weekly appointments via email and would receive the same personal attention over email as I would in person.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about the One Life Staff.  They are amazing.


What would you say to someone thinking about joining One Life?

I have already referred my mom and best friend and they have both experienced great success on the diet.  I know that I will not gain this weight back.  It is not even a concern of mine now that I live the One Life lifestyle.  It is so easy and One Life is there supporting you the entire way.  That pretty much sums up what I would say!