One of the main things I love about One Life, and it has lead to my success, is the weekly interaction. The staff always offer solutions to what you are struggling with. The relationships you build and the camaraderie are second to none. The feeling I had when I reached my goal was incredible. I have a whole new outlook on life and feel so great now!
— Sharon





What brought you to One Life?

After having my 2nd child, I was frustrated with my appearance and weight. I was older and having trouble losing the weight. I met someone who had done One Life and was very successful and looked great. They recommended it to me and so I made an appointment and went in for a consultation.


How much weight did you lose?

I lost 30 pounds in just under 5 months. I started the program at 155 pounds and reached my goal of 125 pounds!


Have you been able to maintain your weight loss?

Yes! I have been on maintenance for 2 years now. I believe this is a very important part of One Life. Their maintenance program keeps me focused and honest. Plus the staff at One Life is so friendly - it is very enjoyable to go to my weigh-ins every week.

The camaraderie is great. They are all so encouraging and keep you on track or get you back on track if it was a bad week. I make the commitment to still come in and it is always a perk to see Hillary. She is so great and always puts a smile on my face.

Everyone follows One Life in my family. We all talk the One Life 'Block' lingo. We don’t bring bad food in the house anymore.


What is the One Life Difference?

I have tried many diets in the past and recently Weight Watchers online. What I like about One Life is that it really teaches you about food and how to practice better eating habits for the long term. I like that I don’t feel like I am calorie counting and I do not feel deprived. One Life has really taught me about portion control and what foods to choose to keep me fuller longer.

One of the main things I love about One Life and that has lead to my success is the weekly interaction. The one on one meetings where someone really coaches you on your issues has been very helpful. Dr. Haynes always gives options to help and offers solutions to what you are struggling with. The relationships you build and the camaraderie are second to none. 
One Life deals with real food and changes your outlook on food and what is healthy. 
With other diets, I just did not get it. For 5 years I could never figure it out and now it is all very clear.


What are some of your tips or tricks that kept you on track?

Pre-planning appropriate food - especially for snacking. I packed a lunch everyday and made sure it was protein heavy. One of the biggest things I do now is actually eat breakfast. It sets me up to have a good day, to continue to make smart choices for the rest of the day.


How has One Life changed the perception of yourself?

The feeling I had when I reached my goal was incredible. I had a whole new outlook on life. I was so sick of being fat and ready for a change that actually worked. My self-esteem has raised and I have a better body image. Shopping is certainly much more fun now. I am healthier now and feel so good. I am also setting a really good example for my youngest daughter. She will say - “did you count that?” or “don’t have that extra piece of candy and blow your day.”


What would you say to someone thinking about joining One Life?

Trust the process! Give it two weeks and you will see results. You will not feel deprived and it does not even feel like you are on a diet. One Life is based on real foods, which makes it so easy to implement into your daily life. It is not a diet but a lifestyle change, and they will give you the tools to help you succeed.