I am a very busy person and I needed losing weight to be simple and easy. One Life was the perfect diet for me. I did not have to calculate my food’s fat, fiber or carb content. Losing the weight was so effortless with the One Life Block System. For someone who is always on the go, I was still able to do the diet and lose my weight for good. I never felt like I was on a diet. This is how I eat now.
— Rebecca





What brought you to One Life?

I had tried every diet in the book and when a friend of mine recommended One Life - I thought - why not? My husband even started the diet 2-3 weeks after I did.


How much weight did you lose?

I was down 39 pounds in 5 months and then lowered my goal and lost another 6 pounds.


What made One Life different from the other weight loss places you tried?

I had tried Weight Watchers twice. It would work but then I would always gain the weight back. With Weight Watchers it was always so easy to cheat and fall off track. With One Life - it is just so simple. It is so easy to calculate your blocks. I am a very busy person and I need losing weight to be easy and One Life was the perfect diet for me. The One Life Vitamin B-12 shot is huge, a major energy booster. One life is also private and one on one which is a lot less obtrusive and humiliating than other weight loss clinics. And they are not time consuming but will take as much time as I need if I have concerns. One life is like a big supportive family!


What has Dr. Haynes and One Life taught you about losing weight?

Less carbs and more protein. It keeps me fuller longer and I have more energy. Also when it comes to counting your blocks - you just eat what you want and account for it. You don’t have to worry about the fiber or fat or carb content. Dr. Haynes makes it all so simple with his block system.


What were some of your go to tips and tricks that kept you on track?

I travel a lot so I always bring the One Life protein shakes with me and I plan ahead. When I now look at something when I am hungry, I look at the calories. Everything is labeled with calorie counts now. I can easily calculate what is a bad choice and choose healthier options. I also eat a lot of the protein bars and always keep them on me just in case and tend to eat several small meals a day. I have gone up and down so much with my weight and I really feel that with One Life’s simple system, I will keep my weight off for good. I really do not feel like I am on a diet. This is now how I eat now.


How easy was it to implement One Life into your daily life?

Since my husband and I did the program together - it was really easy. We really just eat more protein now and are constantly counting our 'Blocks'. It really is the perfect diet for someone always on the go like me.


What would you say to someone thinking about joining One Life?

I know some people might think that One Life can be expensive, but I look at it as a motivating factor when I pay for it. If you want to focus on losing weight quickly and learn how to keep it off for good - then One Life is for you. Things are not forced on you at One Life - there are no contracts, so if you want to lose the weight, you have to keep your weekly appointments and follow the plan. Again, if anyone ever says - One Life is too expensive, I always like to say - “Would you give me $2000 dollars today if I told you in 4 months you would lose 40lbs?” The answer is usually - YES! Also, when we really get down to looking at the finances, our monthly food bill was cut in half and we don’t eat out as much now - so I say we lost weight and broke even!