My weight has really been a lifelong struggle for me. I think I have lost the same 28 pounds four times. After the kids, I tried everything but I just could never take the weight off. What really sold me about One Life is that from the beginning they talk about lifestyle changes and maintaining lifestyle success. I am confident that I will keep this off for good.
— Liz

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What brought you to One Life?

I wanted to look and feel my best turning 40 this year. I was really struggling losing the weight and nothing seemed to work. I actually saw someone in the grocery store reading the One Life book while shopping. A total stranger was telling me how One Life changed her life and how it was so easy to lose the weight and how supportive they were. I went home and got online to look at the website and called that next day.


How much weight did you lose?

It took me just under 5 months to lose about 30 lbs. I recently have started going to maintenance, but have been successful in keeping it off.


What has One Life taught you about losing weight?

They have really taught me how to make smart choices and the importance of pre-planning. Now before I go out to a restaurant, I look at the menu online and pre-count my meal that I want to order. One Life always made me see the importance of protein. Everyone would always be a cheerleader for me - if I had a bad week, they would offer supportive solutions.


Do you have any tips or tricks that kept you on track?

Eggs whites were one of my secret weapons I learned about. You can eat so much more and have more protein. I would also take my leftover protein from the night before in for lunch and always having healthy snack options on hand that are easy to count like cheese sticks and crunchy veggies. I traveled a lot while doing One Life and the take and shake protein shakes and the One Life protein bars were so helpful to keep me on track. Another trick that I would use is that I was honest with people about the fact I was doing One Life and how it worked. My family saw me living the lifestyle and they helped me stay accountable and they started eating healthier as well from watching me!


Have you always struggled with your weight?

This has really been a lifelong struggle for me. I think I have lost the same 28 pounds four times. After the kids, I just never took the weight off and I really tried everything. What really sold me about One Life is that from the beginning they were talking about lifestyle changes and that this was forever.


What would you say is the One Life difference?

With the weekly one on one meetings, there is a great sense of ownership during the entire process. I felt that I got to know everyone really well and all the staff really knew me and my story. I did not want to let them down! They are all so positive and encouraging.
Also with other diets I have tried, none have been as clear and simple as the One Life 'Block' system. The handouts they give you each week are so helpful. Especially the handout about volume. Tuna and Salmon versus shrimp or chicken. When I go to a party now - I only eat the shrimp cocktail.
One Life caters to busy people. The one-on-one time-slots they offer are so convenient, especially for someone like me who travels a lot for work.


How has One Life changed the perception of yourself?

Recently I had to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe and spent a lot of money on smaller clothes. I was even smaller than I thought I would be. It is such a drastic change. I am feeling so much stronger and more powerful and that has encouraged me to workout more and stick to it.


What would you say to someone thinking about joining One Life?

I have already referred my mother in law and two of my friends. I am a big seller of One Life and I just would tell them to be a believer -because it will work.