My entire life I have been told I am big-boned, and that I wear my curves well. After losing 50 pounds with One Life, I am happy to say that I am not big boned! I am a healthy example for my family and friends on how to lose weight the right way. You only have ONE body, so treat it well.
— Kelsey





What brought you to One Life?

My best friend Stephanie had started to go to One Life and was having amazing success.  She kept recommending I go and I was using every excuse in the book why I could not make it work.

Finally, after a trip back east home to see my family, I realized that I did not want my unhealthy habits to catch up to me.  I even gained more weight on that trip and then a light came on and I was ready for a change.  I booked an appointment with One Life the day after I flew back home on Feb 20th and I have never looked back.


Have you always struggled with your weight?

I am a comfort eater.  My weight has always gone up and down my entire life.  I just thought that I was destined to be the “big” girl or “big boned” as my family is big.  I have lost and gained weight numerous times throughout my life and I have never felt comfortable in my own skin.  I think the most I ever lost on diet and exercise was 15 pounds.  My family are big and big eaters.  They have also struggled with their weight, but I did not want that to me be anymore.  I wanted to be thin and healthy.


How much weight did you lose?

My first appointment was February 24th with One Life and I felt nothing but support from the beginning.  I have lost 52 pounds with One Life.  I started at 187 and my original goal was 147.  I changed my goal to 135 and I am very happy with where I am now.


What has Dr. Haynes and One Life taught you about losing weight?

My entire adult life, I have been anxious going to the grocery store.  It always seemed like a chore and I would end up buying bad stuff.  Now, because of One Life, I love going to the grocery store.  I get creative.  I buy all fresh foods and make my meals for the week.  I love cooking.  They taught me fun meals to make that actually taste great and are low in calories.  The biggest problem with every other diet is I always felt deprived and would binge eat.  Now One Life has given me balance.  They taught me how to balance the good with the bad and that not all calories are equal.  Preparation is key!


What is the One Life difference?

It is a lifestyle change and the fact that they only focus on real food puts the accountability and challenge on you.  You come in each week, have the one on one counseling and review your journal.  The concepts they teach you are so easy but you have to stick to the plan.  It makes you realize the bad habits you had in the past and makes you aware and gives you the tools to change them for good.


How easy was it to implement One Life into your daily routine?

I am a nurse.  I work the night shift.  And at 3am, when there is a table of junk food, you eat it!  It was not until I made changes that I saw my energy pick up.  I had so much energy at 3am after snacking on protein.  The other nurses started to catch on and asked me what I was doing.  With my positive influence, they all started eating healthier too and we all have a better working environment now.


How has One Life changed the perception of yourself?

I am a very confident person - even overweight, and so I never felt like I looked like the person I felt like I was on the inside.  I lost the weight this time around for me.  You have to be ready and want it.  When the weight started to fall off, I could tell my body was crying out for this all along. My body needed it.  I was not the big girl.  I was not big boned.  I have tiny bones!  You only get ONE body - so we must treat is well.

I am also proud to be a healthy example of how to lose weight the right way.  It is hard work and it feels so good once you make it to the finish line.  I need to be that example for my sister.  She is not surrounded by the knowledge and support that I was able to receive.  I now help her and my friends with the simple changes you can make everyday to make a difference.  And I am forever grateful to One Life for that knowledge.