It was not until I found One Life, that I had results fast, and it was easy. My success with One Life has been instrumental for me both personally and professionally. People admire my discipline. It shows them what I am really capable of.
— Jamie





What brought you to One Life?

Ever since my thyroid issue, I would gain weight quickly and so I have tried many diets.   But if I did not see results quickly, I would not stick to them.  I consider myself a good dieter.  Any diet I would do, I would always lose weight but I would always seem to get stuck at 12 pounds lost.  At one of my fundraisers for work, two of the board members were talking about One Life and they highly recommended it, so I decided to give them a call and make an appointment.

With One Life, I saw results quickly.  I think I lost 7 pounds my first week.  After that, my sister started doing the plan and following along too and was successful as well.


What did One Life teach you about weight loss?

They really taught me the role of protein in the fat burning process and about portion control.  They taught me what to “fill-up” on.  Most diets don’t tell you to get full.  I put dairy back in my diet.  With One Life, you can eat anything, so it really helps to figure out the triggers that slow my weight loss.  On the weekly one on one appointments, we would go over my food journal and find out what was causing the problems.  Being older now and with a bad thyroid, it was important to find out my food issues and make changes.


Did you have any tips or tricks that helped keep you on track?

Preparation is key. I would make grab bags of pre chopped foods.  Things that were easy to grab that would fill me up (boiled eggs, string cheese, cucumbers).  I would throw in my pre-chopped spinach with my eggs to help fill me up.  My go-to indulgence was always 1/2 pear and cottage cheese.  If I felt like I wanted to cheat, that would save me.  It would calm the craving.
One Lifehas been really easy to implement.  I now know how to order when we go out.  I can even order fast food if I am being lazy.  I just order the burger without the bun and weigh it. The food scale was key to discovering the true size of portions.


How did One Life change the perception of yourself?

I never anticipated that I could look like this.  I recently got a new position at work and people are shocked when they see me for the first time again.  They have never known me thin.  I cannot believe that this Jamie was in there all along.  I realized that I was never comfortable in my own skin and now I have a confidence that comes with being myself again, and being in line with who I always wanted to be.  I sometimes lose my breath when I see my reflection.  It is remarkable, I look amazing!

Losing the weight with One Life has been instrumental in my life.  The Success goes a long way, both personally and professionally.  People look up to you because of what you have accomplished.  Weight loss is a huge accomplishment.  The discipline is takes to lose the weight is what people admire - especially my co-workers.  It shows them what I am capable of.  

What is the difference between One Life and other Weight Loss clinics?

The real difference is the accountability and counseling.  Out of all the diets I have done (a lot) One Life is by far the easiest to follow and they are the REAL experts.  When a friend said to me - oh One Life is expensive.... I said there is NO better investment feeling and looking like this.