After my babies, it was finally time to take the weight off for good. I tried all the fad diets, but nothing was holding me accountable or teaching me about weight loss. Finding One Life has changed my life. I have more energy now and feel better than I did in my 20’s, and I need it to keep up with my three boys!
— Denise





What brought you to One Life?

After the babies, it was time to get the weight off and start something new.  I was at an all time high after the birth of the twins and a friend of mine recommended I give One Life a call, so I did!


How much weight did you lose?

I started at 149 pounds, an all time high and I am not very tall, so I was really motivated to make a change.  I lost 25 pounds and am the same weight I was when I was 20.


What made One Life different from the other weight loss places you tried?

I did a few fad diets.  The BEAMING cleanse, My Fitness Pal app, counting calories, but nothing was working.  Nothing was holding me accountable and I would not be honest with it.  Then I found One Life.  The weekly one on one appointments were amazing.  I had to be accountable to not only myself but to the One Life team.  Their support was non-stop and made me want to lose each week to make them proud.


What has Dr. Haynes and One Life taught you about losing weight?

They opened my eyes to the large amounts of carbs and sugar in our diets.  I had no idea I was eating so much bad stuff.  I understand the importance of protein and fat now.  Carbs are just empty calories.  The way I eat now is my lifestyle.  As a mom, the journaling was key.  I can’t take a few bites of my kids food and not count it.  It all adds up and the journaling is so important to stay on track.


Did you have any tips or tricks that helped you stay on track?

The One Life shakes are so good and would be the perfect amount of protein to keep me full on the go.  I also became very creative with salad making.  Salads do not have to be boring.  They can be amazing protein packed meals.  I started to love cooking again and found joy in creating these new healthy meals.  Also cheese sticks and prosciutto were my saving grace on the run with the boys if I had no time to eat.


How has One Life changed the perception of yourself?

One Life has changed my life.  I am never going back to being over weight.  I am 45 years old and I feel better now and have more energy now than in my twenties.  It is so important for a mom to feel good and have energy for her kids and I have that now.  People also say I look great and my confidence has gone through the roof.  I try to balance a career and 3 boys.  Now that I am at my goal, I feel like I can accomplish anything and I feel empowered to be the best version of myself.


What would you say to someone thinking about joining One Life?

You will not be disappointed.  The staff is 100% there for you and they are so easy to connect with, which makes the journey so much more special.  It is the only weight loss clinic that is not intimidating and I am proud to rave about them and feel I need to brag about being a One Lifer to all my friends.